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NEXO FITTING IN EXPONOR CHILE 2019 We strengthen our presence in the Chilean market through Exponor 2019

Nexo Fittings (representing the Leku-Ona group) will be present at the next edition of  EXPONOR CHILE 2019 with its own exhibition stand located in the pavilion COBRE, stand nº157. This stand is located within the Spanish pavilion of EXPONOR2019. EXPONOR is an event held every two years in the mining region of Antofagasta, one of the important mining areas of the Americas. . Exhibiting thus becomes one of the meeting points for the exchange of business, knowledge and experiences of this industry. The fair is organized by the Industrial Association of Antofagasta and sponsored by the Mining Council of Chile, the Regional Government of Antofagasta, Prochile, SONAMI and SOFOFA.

Nexo Fittings started its journey in Chile in 2018. Thanks to the commercial work developed during these last months, it has become known among the professionals of the hydraulics sector. In order to strengthen our presence in the Chilean market and bring our products to the main mining basins and companies linked to the mining sector, Nexo Fittings participates for the first time in one of the main fairs worldwide in this sector: EXPONOR 2019.

Its main objective is to present the range of steel connections, according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353, and designed safely and without leaks for the connection of metric pipes with diameters from 4 to 42 mm in the light series , very light and heavy. Likewise, he will take advantage of the occasion to promote the hydraulic hose of high pressure with brand LOHT (Leku-Ona Hydraulic Technology), manufactured in Spain according to the standards SAE (United States), BS (United Kingdom), and EN (European Union), used in multiple applications: oil, paint, hot water, etc., and for various industrial sectors: mining, agriculture, wind, machinery, etc.

New FASTER multi-connectors solution for forestry and recycling cranes The new application of the MULTIFASTER facilitates the handling and dismantling of the cranes in vehicles to speed up the operations of loading and unloading bulky materials

For more than 30 years, Leku-Ona has been the exclusive distributor in Spain and Portugal of products by FASTER®, a company recognised worldwide for its state-of-the-art and reliable couplings and quick connectors.

The Italian brand remains at the forefront when it comes to offering effective solutions adapted to the requirements of different markets, in this case that of forestry and recycling cranes.


It is very common to find trucks equipped with cranes to transport wood, scrap and other bulky materials. In these situations, the manoeuvres that are carried out with these extremely bulky materials require the dismantling and moving of the crane to provide more freedom of movement.

To perform this operation, the cranes are equipped with hydraulic or mechanical jacks, but in order to carry out the operation safely, easily and quickly there are several solutions on the market that include the use of quick-release hydraulic couplings.

Wood transport and haulage (and scrap recycling business) is many times performed with dedicated trucks, equipped with cranes.

Sometime, in order to load longer logs, increasing transport capacity, the crane has to be disassembled and left on ground (see above picture on the right).

To perform this operation the cranes are tipically equipped with Hydraulic or mechanic jacks and to make the operation safe, easy and quick there are several solutions on the market, using Quick Release Couplings.







If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact the brand using the email or through

LEKU-ONA_Global Solutions

Pol. Industrial Itziar Nave N2B

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Assembly instructions for DIN 2353 fittings manufactured and marketed by NEXO FITTINGS The wide range of Nexo Fittings products adapt to the needs of each installation

nexo fittings

Nexo Fittings currently offers a wide range of hydraulic connectors for pipes and flexible tubes with the aim of providing an optimal solution to the requirement for the coupling of steel tubes.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in the facilities in Germany and thanks to our automated warehouses in Itziar-Deba, we guarantee a fast response and short delivery times.

nexo fittings

Assembly Instructions

Here there are the assembly instructions for DIN 2353 fittings manufactured and marketed by NEXO FITTINGS. It is recommended to use pre-assembly tools.


1.- Tube preparation

Cut the tube square (do not use a pipe cutter). An angular offset of 0,5° is permissible.


Lightly debut the tube ends and clean the tube. The maximum permitted chamfer is 0.02 x 45 deg. The clamping area must be clean and free of any chips, dirt, grease, oiland paint.



2.- Tube preparation

Lightly lubricate. Immediately proceed with the assembly in order to avoid exposure to contamination.



Consecutively put the union nut first and then the cutting ring onto the tube end. Pay attention to the correct alignment of the cutting ring: The cutting edges have to face to the tube end.


Carefully insert the tube end into the 24° taper of the final assembly stud and push it firmly against the inner stop. The tube must be held in this position during the entire assembly process in order to avoid faulty assembly.

Difficult mounting conditions or larger sizes may require the use of a vise.


Press the pipe firmly against the stop in the coupling body. Tighten the nut with a wrench until no further tightening is possible. Hold coupling body steady with a wrench.



Checking: Slacken the nut and push back. Check that the gap between coupling body and rind is closed.


Repeated Assembly: Reassemble the con- nection using the same force as final as- sembly. This should be done each time the connection is reassembled.


If you have any doubts regarding assembly or want to obtain the PDF catalogue for the different types of fittings provided by Nexo Fittings (connectors, male or female thread, adjustable 24° swivel connector and O-ring, tubular, etc.) do not hesitate to contact the brand using the email or through

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Leku-Ona offers SAFE-BUNDLER FOR FAST & EASY MOUNTING OF LARGE SPIRAL SIZES The Safe-Bundler tool is designed to be used for mounting of larger Safe-Spirals on hydraulic hoses and especially for hose bundles.

save bundler

Many customers struggle in mounting the spirals, especially on large hose bundles

With the Safe Bundler tool you can easily mount Safe-spirals starting from OD 75mm up to hose bundles with a maximum diameter of 180-200mm. The tool opens the spiral to be moved forward by an electric drill.



save bundler

Mounting process becomes much easier and it saves so much time so it pays itself back quickly. The tool can be used also for single hoses.

It is highly recommended to bundle the hoses together with straps first to help keep the hoses together during the mounting process and to guarantee a safer and smoother mounting.

In addition to being very fast and easy, the mounting is ergonomic and reduces the physical strain of operators’ wrists.

For additional information do not hesitate to contact this email or through


LEKU-ONA_Global Solutions

Pol. Industrial Itziar Nave N2B

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F 943 74 34 62

Nexo Fittings, the next leading brand in manufacture and marketing of hydraulic fitting and connections COMERCIAL LEKU-ONA IS THE OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR OF THE NEW “NX” BRAND FOR SPAIN AND PORTUGAL

The company Nexo Fittings SL was founded in 2016 in Itziar-Deba, Gipuzkoa (Basque Country, Spain) by the Leku-Ona Global Solutions group, with the aim of designing, manufacturing and globally marketing its own range of hydraulic fittings for pipes and flexible tubes, under the brand name NX (NeXo Fittings).

The Nexo Fittings range of fittings and hydraulic connections are manufactured in carbon steel according to ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353, and are designed for the safe and leak-free connection of metric pipes with diameters from 4 to 42 mm in the series light, very light and heavy.


Internationalisation plan and strategy 2017-2020

The current international economic environment is characterised by its dynamism and requires companies to have a cosmopolitan view of economic activity and business strategies.

To achieve this, Nexo Fittings has developed an internationalisation plan for the period 2017-2020 focused primarily on addressing its expansion into foreign markets in a well-defined and organised manner, with the firm objective of positioning itself as a leader in the global market for pipe coupling and connection solutions for hydraulic systems. 

The Leku-Ona family continues to grow

Leku-Ona is able to offer solutions that respond to the needs of the market thanks to the strength of a group formed by Comercial Leku-Ona (manufacture and marketing of a wide range of products and components related to automation in the areas of Hydraulics and Pneumatics , as well as Tube Forming), Urtzinox (design and optimisation of processes related to supply, logistics and manufacturing), MKL (machining and laser cutting), BOSTAK (assembly and hydraulic and pneumatic system solutions), and now NEXO FITTINGS (design, manufacture and global marketing of hydraulic fittings for pipes and flexible tubes).

These all have a strategic approach that is based on an attitude of constant searching and improvement in their corresponding fields of activity, and the synergies that are created between them. The synergies offer many benefits and oblige us to maintain a state of continuous improvement, a feature of the group which makes Leku-Ona Global Solutions especially proud.


More info:

LEKU-ONA_Global Solutions

Pol. Industrial Itziar Nave N2B

T 943 74 34 50
F 943 74 34 62

Leku-Ona now offers the new range of Faster® Ultra High Pressure (UHP) quick hydraulic couplings The latest models UHP 100 and UHP 150 have applications in the world of industry and high pressure tools

For more than 30 years, Leku-Ona has been the exclusive distributor in Spain and Portugal of products by FASTER®, a company recognised worldwide for its state-of-the-art and reliable couplings and quick connectors.

One of their latest innovations, launched at the most recent Hannover Messe trade fair, is a new range of hydraulic quick couplings under the name of Ultra High Pressure UHP 100 and UHP 150, which is a result of the strategic decision by the Italian brand to invest in R&D in order to offer top quality products aimed at the industrial sector and high pressure tools.

This has led to the new UHP couplings having numerous technological features that make them extremely reliable and easy to use, ensuring exceptional safety for the operators in all aspects of their work.

Faster has replaced radial balls with a Faster patented new technology. Our sector latching system prevents damages on the male groove caused by radial balls in situations of pressure peaks. We have introduced as standard a screw-on safety sleeve with a double visual check with two colours (red and green). This system indicates the complete and correct connection of the two halves.

Moreover, given the extreme working condition of their application (industrial cylinders, rescue tools, lifting equipments..), we have them tested and certified 100%. 

The special laser marking on each single couplings guarantees an excellent legibility of the batch number.

On Faster website it is possible to dowload a certificate that testify that each batch has been tested and approved according to Faster quality standards. 

First delivery is expected in May. Meanwhile, the new part numbers for UHP 100 and UHP 150 can already be ordered at Leku-Ona.

In the download section of FASTER portal, you can download the instruction and safety guidelines, with helpful information for a safe and correct use.

For more information on the FASTER® quick hydraulic couplings or their possible applications please contact Leku-Ona on: |  T +34 943 74 34 50  |  E

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An economic solution for cables, pipes, and hoses

Space-saving and flexible with 6 mm to 22 mm Ø


– Quick assembly

– Little space required

– Guard plate provides stable clamping

– Secure tightening on pipes thanks to pre-tension

– Possibility of combining different diameter pipes

– Fastening with 6 mm Ø welded screws or bolts

– Especially ideal for cables, hoses, gas and oil pipes, and lubricating lines

– Metal pieces also deliverable in stainless steel



It is possible to complete different assembly situations with individual pieces or combinations of pieces with practical positioning.


In this context, the following are taken into consideration:

– Pipe or hose assembly on hydraulic cylinders

– Different pipe and hose diameters

– Different distances between pipe and cylinder

– Assembly of various pipe supports for different pipe diameters




Fields of application

Steel pipe clamps for hydraulic HSRS systems are mostly used in the field of construction machines and public works.


The clamp’s fastening piece is welded edgewise, or flat against the body of the machine or to another construction component. The pipe clamp is screwed.


The clamp’s sturdy construction style provides dampening effects against jolts and vibrations. Thanks to the clamp’s low height, it is always possible to place hydraulic pipes later, for example after additional equipment has been mounted on construction machines.


Elastomer cover

Steel pipe clamps for hydraulic HSRS systems are supplied with an optional elastomer cover.



  • it is possible to fasten different pipe diameters with a single clamp
  • improved vibration and noise dampening
  • secure fastening of pipelines and delicate flexible pipe conduits as well



Santoprene 64° Shore A

– high resistance to oil and outdoor weather

– resistance to temperatures between -40 and +125°C





Above all, these clamps are ideal for fastening pipes that experience thermal expansion. As an option, pipes can be firmly fastened through the clamp, or have a sliding adjustment.



Round steel clamps are manufactured in these two versions:

  • RUBS-round steel clamps according to DIN 3570 with two bolts, and
  • RUBLS-round steel clamps with four bolts, using the bases for KUPK or KUPL


Round steel clamps are supplied for pipe diameters between 17 and 762 mm. The bases for pipes are manufactured in a short and long version, and are made of polypropylene, polyamide, steel, and high-grade steel.



For more information on the range of Clamp products available at LEKU-ONA, contact us at: |  T +34 943 74 34 50  |  E

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How to identify and choose a DIN 3015 clamp Clamps are an economic solution for safely and easily fastening pipes and hoses, but how do you choose an ideal clamp?

DIN 3015 fastening clamps make assembly effective and economical, and guarantee defined pipe conduction. The system can be applied to multiple areas and sectors of industrial activity, but to do so it is essential to understand the product’s range, composition, and characteristics.

The clamp is made up of two identical halves that clamp the pipe, cable, or hose, and maintain the exterior measurement of the object that must be clamped. The clamp’s material will depend on the circuit’s pressure, temperature, and the location where it is installed.

The inner face of the clamp is manufactured with ribs or with a smooth surface. In this sense, clamps with ribs offer dampening against jolts and vibrations and absorb forces that act in the direction of the pipe’s axis, while clamps with a smooth inner surface are recommended for fastening flexible pipes and cables.




Series A, B, and C clamps have metal parts: the weld plates are phosphated while upper plates are bichromated. All steel parts can also be supplied in AISI316Ti (1.4571) stainless steel.


The materials used to manufacture the body of the clamps are:

– Polypropylene: green colour

– Polyamide 6: black colour

– Solid rubber: black colour

– Aluminium




The ordering codes for half clamps, as well as for full clamps, include the designation of the series, the material name, and the inner surface.

  • Polypropylene: RAPR (green colour). Soft interior: RAPG
  • Polyamide 6: RANR (black colour). Soft interior: RANG
  • Solid Rubber: RAVR (black colour). Soft interior: RAVG
  • Aluminium: RAAR




– Polypropylene (P): Size from 1 to 8

– Polyamide (N): Size from 1 to 8

– Aluminium (A): Size from 1 to 6



– Size from 1 to 5



– Polypropylene (P): Size from 1 to 9

– Polyamide (N): Size from 1 to 8

– Aluminium (A): Size from 1 to 8







Pipe clamps are produced mainly from thermoplastic rubber.



They offer significant improvements in terms of noise dampening and vibration behaviour.



Using only quality materials, we guarantee:

  • Reduced vibrations with a subsequent reduction in noise
  • Resistance to the elements and ageing
  • Deterioration through use is avoided, given the elasticity of the material used
  • Resistance against a great number of chemical substances
  • A wide margin of application with regard to ranges of temperatures



Assembly on weld plates

Weld theweld plates on a base that is suited for the load. Pay attention to the orientation of the clamps.

Restrain the lower half of the clamp on theweld plate, insert the pipe, place the second half of the clamp on top, and tighten it with the bolts. Pay attention to the pre-tension (the clamp halves should not be in contact after assembly).

Never weld with the plastic clamp already placed!


Assembly on pipe holder ducts

There are 4 different heights with pipe holder ducts, and 1 or 2 m long pieces are usually provided.

Weld the pipe holder duct or tighten it with an angular fastening piece.

Insert the pipe holder duct nuts into the duct and turn them as far as possible. In the heavy construction series, you should only insert them.

Restrain the lower half of the clamp on the duct pipe holder bolts, insert the pipe, place the second half of the clamp, and fasten it with the bolts. Before tightening the bolts, the clamp can be positioned. Pay attention to the pre-tension (the clamp halves should not be in contact after assembly).



Overlaid assembly

The clamps allow for assembly with various clamps of the same construction size, but also different pipe diameters, with one on top of the other. This overlaid assembly is carried out with special bolts that protect against torsion through safety plates.

Restrain the lower half of the clamp on theweld plate, insert the pipe, place the second half of the clamp on top, and tighten it with the bolts. This bolt extends out over the upper half of the clamp. By placing a guard plate on top, possible torsion from this bolt is avoided.



The values for the specified torque for screws and pipe clamping axial forces refer to assembly with cover plates and exterior hexagonal bolts according to the ISO standard 4014/4017 (DIN 931/933).

The pipe clamping axial force (according to DIN 3015, part 10) is an average value that is determined based on three trials at 23°C with a St 37 steel pipe according to DIN 2448, for which the existence of friction from adherence is presumed. When a load from the clamp is noted in the axial direction of the pipe with the test force (F) indicated, the tube should not slide inside the clamp.



The distances assigned to the various outer pipe diameters are considered to be standard values for the static load.


For more information on the range of Clamp products available at LEKU-ONA, contact us at: |  T +34 943 74 34 50  |  E

Leku Ona Global Solutions offers a 100% customised hydraulic reservoir manufacturing service The synergies between the companies in the group facilitate an integrated solution and a manufacturing process run from start to finish by Leku Ona.

Amongst the services now offered by Leku Ona Global Solutions is the integrated manufacture and assembly of customised non-standard hydraulic reservoirs, made to the client’s functional, capability and design specifications.

Each project is customised based on need. We start with the client’s specifications, working from samples or plans, and adapt the equipment to the dimensions and needs of each machine.

Projects therefore include general coordination, supply of commercial units, final assembly and delivery, as well as cutting, folding and welding of the pieces. Our clients have access to a product range with high added value and top quality finishes, owing to the synergies between the companies in the group.


Clients are guaranteed to save time and money by not having to deal with sales admin, talk to different suppliers or manage the manufacturing of the reservoirs: Leku Ona handles it all.
By subcontracting the entire manufacturing process for these types of products, the client avoids potential coordination problems between the suppliers and processes involved. They assign the overall management of the project to just one supplier, thus being able to concentrate resources in their core business.



– Hydraulic systems for coupling to three-point tractor connection, activated via power take-off and designed for use with tractor-compatible hydraulic tools.
– Paint treatments as per client specifications.
– Integrated manufacture and assembly process. Equipment quality is controlled at all times and a final check is carried out to avoid leaks in critical welding points.


Fitted without pump or with one or two hydraulic pumps mounted in tandem.
Quick connectors to facilitate fast coupling.
Suction filter.
Return filter with vacuum gauge, indicating filter saturation.
Oil level indicator with temperature gauge.
Oil cooler if necessary, to avoid overheating in the hydraulic circuit.
Customisable caps with client logo.

Safe-Wrap: a cheap and easy-to-fit solution for protecting and holding hydraulic hoses in place The company Safeplast develops reusable fabric protection which is very easy to fit, even after the hoses have been installed.

The Finish company specialises in the production of high-quality plastic spirals and fabric products for different kinds of hose protection, which is why Leku-Ona places its complete trust in the brand as an accessory for protecting flexible hoses.



SAFE-WRAP is produced from 100 % polyamide with PU coating and Velcro® -brand fasteners which make it very easy and fast to install on hose assemblies afterwards and repeatedly.

This makes Safe-Wrap a very cost-effective solution for hose protection and hose bundling.


SAFE-WRAP protections can be used to protect all kinds of hoses and cables, such as the land cables of airplanes, tractors, excavators, forklift trucks and all kinds of construction machinery, big and small.

Its main advantages are:

  • – Very fast and easy to mount on hose assemblies because of velcro – fasteners => very cost-effective solution
  • – Can be used also afterwards
  • – For hose protection and / or hose bundling
    -Pin hole –tested & approved
  • – Excellent tensile strength
  • – Abrasion resistant
  • – 100 % water repellence of the fabric
  • – Operating temperature up to + 120 °C
  • – In rolls 10 – 50m or fixed lengths



Safe-Wraps tensile strength is excellent (EN ISO 13934-1) and water repellence of the fabric is 100 % (EN 24920).

The operating temperature is between -20 °C to +120 °C.

Safe-Wrap also fulfils the demands of standard ISO 3457 (pin hole –tested).

This product is very abrasion resistant.

 Standard inside diameters available:

40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 120mm

Other diameters (Ø 20mm to 400mm, in 5mm intervals) are offered on request.

Standard roll lengths: 10m and 25m

Other roll lengths up to 50m and fixed lengths are produced after order. 



Should you require additional information about SAFE-WRAP or technical advice about any other SAFEPLAST product, don’t hesitate to contact us on |  T +34 943 74 34 50  |  E

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