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New FASTER multi-connectors solution for forestry and recycling cranes The new application of the MULTIFASTER facilitates the handling and dismantling of the cranes in vehicles to speed up the operations of loading and unloading bulky materials

For more than 30 years, Leku-Ona has been the exclusive distributor in Spain and Portugal of products by FASTER®, a company recognised worldwide for its state-of-the-art and reliable couplings and quick connectors.

The Italian brand remains at the forefront when it comes to offering effective solutions adapted to the requirements of different markets, in this case that of forestry and recycling cranes.


It is very common to find trucks equipped with cranes to transport wood, scrap and other bulky materials. In these situations, the manoeuvres that are carried out with these extremely bulky materials require the dismantling and moving of the crane to provide more freedom of movement.

To perform this operation, the cranes are equipped with hydraulic or mechanical jacks, but in order to carry out the operation safely, easily and quickly there are several solutions on the market that include the use of quick-release hydraulic couplings.

Wood transport and haulage (and scrap recycling business) is many times performed with dedicated trucks, equipped with cranes.

Sometime, in order to load longer logs, increasing transport capacity, the crane has to be disassembled and left on ground (see above picture on the right).

To perform this operation the cranes are tipically equipped with Hydraulic or mechanic jacks and to make the operation safe, easy and quick there are several solutions on the market, using Quick Release Couplings.







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Nexo Fittings, the next leading brand in manufacture and marketing of hydraulic fitting and connections COMERCIAL LEKU-ONA IS THE OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR OF THE NEW “NX” BRAND FOR SPAIN AND PORTUGAL

The company Nexo Fittings SL was founded in 2016 in Itziar-Deba, Gipuzkoa (Basque Country, Spain) by the Leku-Ona Global Solutions group, with the aim of designing, manufacturing and globally marketing its own range of hydraulic fittings for pipes and flexible tubes, under the brand name NX (NeXo Fittings).

The Nexo Fittings range of fittings and hydraulic connections are manufactured in carbon steel according to ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353, and are designed for the safe and leak-free connection of metric pipes with diameters from 4 to 42 mm in the series light, very light and heavy.


Internationalisation plan and strategy 2017-2020

The current international economic environment is characterised by its dynamism and requires companies to have a cosmopolitan view of economic activity and business strategies.

To achieve this, Nexo Fittings has developed an internationalisation plan for the period 2017-2020 focused primarily on addressing its expansion into foreign markets in a well-defined and organised manner, with the firm objective of positioning itself as a leader in the global market for pipe coupling and connection solutions for hydraulic systems. 

The Leku-Ona family continues to grow

Leku-Ona is able to offer solutions that respond to the needs of the market thanks to the strength of a group formed by Comercial Leku-Ona (manufacture and marketing of a wide range of products and components related to automation in the areas of Hydraulics and Pneumatics , as well as Tube Forming), Urtzinox (design and optimisation of processes related to supply, logistics and manufacturing), MKL (machining and laser cutting), BOSTAK (assembly and hydraulic and pneumatic system solutions), and now NEXO FITTINGS (design, manufacture and global marketing of hydraulic fittings for pipes and flexible tubes).

These all have a strategic approach that is based on an attitude of constant searching and improvement in their corresponding fields of activity, and the synergies that are created between them. The synergies offer many benefits and oblige us to maintain a state of continuous improvement, a feature of the group which makes Leku-Ona Global Solutions especially proud.


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Leku-Ona has recently purchased a new BLM tube bending machine that will complete the requirements of the bending section.

This means that the tubes section of Leku-Ona Global Solutions now comprises 6 bending machines with diameters ranging from OD: 4mm to OD: 102mm for bending carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and brass tubes.

The main features of the new BLM ELECT (ET 102) tube bending machine are:

– The three-dimensional VGP3D graphic programming software: verifies the real possibility of producing the parts, eliminating the risk of collision typical of the first test. It calculates the actual cycle time in advance, reducing the time needed to prepare quotes, and automatically generates the machine cycles.

– Multi-radius: the machine works in multi-radius mode or with different blocks for curves and reverse curves.

– Right or left: you can choose the direction of bending you use most.

– Fixed or variable radius bending in a single cycle: it can mount up to 8 tools at a time, deciding in which position (1, 2, 3, 4 … 8) to put the variable radius.

– It guarantees the maximum repeatability of the part and an unrivalled degree of geometric precisioneven in complex parts.

– It guarantees maximum control of the process: it controls and adjusts to the reactions of the materialand to its elastic return. The ELECT provides several thrust powers (from 2,000 N to 60,000 N), which can be adjusted during the entire bending phase.

Following the new acquisition and thanks to the investment the company has made, Leku-Ona now has the following bending machines:

  • – 1 BLM ELECT (ET 102) Maximum bending capacity from OD: 6mm up to 102mm Fully electric machine with right/left bending and 3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D)
  • – 1 BLM E-TURN (ET 52) Maximum bending capacity from OD: 6mm up to 52mm Fully electric machine with right/left bending and 3D visual graphic programming (VGP3D)
  • – 2 BLM-SMART Maximum bending capacity OD: 22mm in steel tubes and up to OD: 28 mm in copper, brass or aluminium tubes
  • – 1 BLM HYDRAULIC NCS832 Maximum bending capacity up to OD: 30mm
  • – 1 AMOB MDH 60 Maximum bending capacity OD: 60mm

With these machines the range of solutions offered to our customers continues to increase, in line with the search for excellence that characterises Leku-Ona, at the forefront in the sector.

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A year of strengthening Leku-Ona’s global industrial services 2016 ends on a good note after reaching important milestones within the corporate group.

Within a few days of bidding farewell to the year, we feel obliged to look back and take stock of the work and achievements made by Leku-Ona during 2016.


Following the change of facilities in August 2015, Leku-Ona prepared to enter a new phase in 2016, establishing itself as a leading international company capable of providing services and products adapted to the needs of both national and international clients.

The commitment to continually improving our services has been the focus of this year. Achievements include increasing the public opening times in the warehouse (Monday to Thursday from 06:00 to 22:00 and Friday from 06:00 to 21:00) and the new implementation of software in the robotised warehouse system, which provides immediate delivery of products to clients who use the direct sales desk and in turn reduces the loading, unloading and waiting times for clients and carriers.

In addition, after summer the Leku-Ona group made one of its most significant investments for 2016 in equipment for the machining division: the Bost VTL 25 CY multitasking double turret vertical lathe, a high-precision machine and piece of technology ‘expressly designed to meet the high standards demanded in the wind energy sector’. Its installation was discussed in the industry magazine Interempresas.

Furthermore, around the beginning of 2017 we will have a GMTK VL 2.8 X2400 lathe (swing of 2800 mm and a height of 2400 mm) fully operational in what we consider a clear strategic commitment to the wind energy sector.

1604-Bost-Lekuona_009 copy

The quality demands in the machining process of the parts that we manufacture for our clients has prompted the adaptation and climate control of the entire machining section. This guarantees a constant temperature during manufacturing as well as in the zone containing tri-dimensional measuring machines.

We also have a clear commitment to demonstrating Leku-Ona’s project capabilities to the national and international market. What’s more, the launch of a YouTube channel increases the visibility of Leku-Ona Global Solutions and each of the different companies that form part of the group (Leku-Ona, MKL, Urtzinox and Bostak). The channel provides videos on work processes, facilities and methodologies used for all those interested in finding out more.

Despite being aware of Leku-Ona’s clear capacity to access the international market and large projects, we have not given up our active participation in various sporting events tied to the tradition and culture of our surroundings, such as the Idi Probak in Errezil and the Getaria-Zarautz swim crossing.

Getaria Zarautz 2016 from Pergoi on Vimeo.

So, we can bid farewell to 2016 feeling proud of the work carried out by each of the group’s companies, of the effort made and of the results achieved.

All that’s left now is to keep working with a view to improving even more in 2017.

We’ll see each other soon!

Interempresas refers to the installation at Leku-Ona of a state-of-the-art double-column vertical lathe with a maximum turning diameter of 3100 mm This is a top precision and technology machine expressly designed to meet the high standards demanded by the wind power sector.

torno bost leku-ona

In connection with the Machine-tool Biennial in Bilbao (BIEMH) at the end of this month, the Interempresas review has brought out a special issue in which, among other subjects, it mentions one of the most important investments in machinery made by Leku-Ona in 2016: the Bost VTL 25 CY multitasking double-turret vertical lathe.

As explained by the head of the Leku-Ona group, Álex Zabala, the Bost VTL 25 CY (turnkey developed) is a high precision and technology machine “expressly designed to meet the high standards demanded by the wind power sector” with a maximum turning diameter of 3100 mm.

For the time being, “this state-of-the-art machine will be exclusively dedicated to producing work for one of our customers; a reference company in the manufacture of wind turbines which already collaborates with other divisions of the Leku-Ona Global Solutions Group” and which “has placed its trust in us to machine wind generator planet carriers”, the part that conveys the movement of the wind generator blades to the multiplier.

Everything in this lathe is specially developed and designed by Bost Machine Tools to meet the high standards demanded by the wind power sector: the machine includes a “y” axis for greater versatility when manufacturing parts of high complexity, and provides the flexibility necessary to tackle this and future projects.

Completing the investment is a metrology machine purchased from HEXAGON MEROLOGY. The machine in question is a DEA Delta Performance 3D high-precision Gantry with a useful range of 3000x5100x2000mm and a fixed-head Ultra High Accuracy LEITZ X5HD for point by point and continuous measurement.

1604-Bost-Lekuona_009 copy

Technical aspects

The Bost VTL 25 CY is a vertical double-turret multi-tasking milling machine with a mobile crosspiece and lengthwise movement of the chuck. The hydrostatic axis guiders guarantee excellent precision and the absence of vibrations which, together with an over-dimensioned design, gives its structure extra rigidity and strength and high machining capacity.

The turning capacity is up to 3100 mm, chuck axis Y= +/- 1000 mm, a part working height of H2200 mm, with a maximum permissible load of 12 tonnes and a voltage of 74 kW means that the lathe can machine parts of very large size, as is the case. Its tool spindle ram has an octagonal section and thermo-symmetric design of 310 x 310 mm, with a run of Z = 1250, a voltage of 37 kW and 4000 rpm.

It also has an automatic accessory and tool change, is equipped with a part measuring sensor, several milling heads and a number of turning tool heads with a complete guard system.


Reliable pneumatic and electric actuators for your company’s industrial applications Leku-Ona is a distributor for the Valbia brand, an Italian company specialising in the production and international distribution of double or single acting pneumatic actuators and electric actuators mounted on various types of valve from 1/8” to 8” with direct coupling of NAMUR valves and ISO size 1.

Captura de pantalla 2016-03-08 a las 10.22.01

Valbia offers a wide range of products, including pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, automated valves and series 86 electric actuators, which comply with international quality standards. The actuators are manufactured with surface treatments specifically designed for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Thanks to the distribution agreement with the Italian brand, we can deliver Valbia pneumatic and electric actuators from either the Leku-Ona central warehouse in Itziar-Deba or from one of our branches to any part of Spain, within a maximum of 48 hours, and so ensure that the industrial applications of our customers achieve the best possible performance.



Valbia belongs to the Bonomi Group, which includes brands such as Valpres  (ball valves, butterfly valves and Oil & Gas) and Rubimetterie Bresciane (ball valves, ecology series valves, Turbo® fittings, fittings)  

For further information on the Valbia product range, click here to see the product data sheets or contact LEKU-ONA at: |  T +34 943 74 34 50  |  E

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