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Leku-Ona offers SAFE-BUNDLER FOR FAST & EASY MOUNTING OF LARGE SPIRAL SIZES The Safe-Bundler tool is designed to be used for mounting of larger Safe-Spirals on hydraulic hoses and especially for hose bundles.

save bundler

Many customers struggle in mounting the spirals, especially on large hose bundles

With the Safe Bundler tool you can easily mount Safe-spirals starting from OD 75mm up to hose bundles with a maximum diameter of 180-200mm. The tool opens the spiral to be moved forward by an electric drill.



save bundler

Mounting process becomes much easier and it saves so much time so it pays itself back quickly. The tool can be used also for single hoses.

It is highly recommended to bundle the hoses together with straps first to help keep the hoses together during the mounting process and to guarantee a safer and smoother mounting.

In addition to being very fast and easy, the mounting is ergonomic and reduces the physical strain of operators’ wrists.

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